Linn-Mar Homecoming Parade Alert

Linn-Mar’s Homecoming Parade is coming up on October 9th. The parade will close off access to Pheasant Ridge Ct.

The parade begins at 5:15 pm and end at 7:00 pm. During most, if not all of that time, 29th Avenue will be closed to traffic.

Go Lions!

Hello Neighbors!

I have created this website for my neighbors on Pheasant Ridge Ct., Marion, IA. This website is NOT provided by our home owners’ association. Information is provided “as is” for our use.

Everyone is welcome to participate. If you live at Pheasant Ridge Ct., Marion, IA and are interested in posting comments, helping with the development, suggesting contents, please talk to me when you see me on the street. I’ll be walking my buddies!

Best regards,

Kevin Kelly

Unofficial Association Website